Day 55: Watercolours and More Wire

Well today was the final day of our brief so I mainly spent today finishing up pages in my sketchbook from yesterday with watercolours. Here are a few examples of the pages I finished today.


Copper wire idea – inspired by leaves


Another wire idea inspired by nature


I was on a roll by now – third piece inspired by nature


Geometric shapes inspired piece

Slightly different to the others - inspired by jewellry and spirals

Slightly different to the others – inspired by jewellery and spirals


Inspired by children’s writing from Cubs tonight – includes letters K, e and i

Another piece inspired by the Cubs' handwriting - letters T, e and i and example of their writing

Another piece inspired by the Cubs’ handwriting – letters T, e and i and example of their writing

Another piece inspired by spirals

Another piece inspired by spirals

I also managed to make a few quick wire pieces as well before our critique session at the end of the day. I hadn’t really experienced a crit session before so it was certainly interesting. This consisted of us all laying our various pieces we had completed over the week out on the table for us all to see. We had to briefly say what we had done and what we felt worked best and then everyone else got the chance to comment on our pieces. I found it interesting to see the wide variety of things that everyone had done based on the same brief.


Day 54: Wire and Pliers

Today I worked mainly with wires and in my sketchbook. Miranda have me a roll of copper wire and some pliers which allowed me to create much tighter twists and bends in the metal. Here are some of my results:


First copper wire piece


Think this looks a bit like a Christmas tree


Incorporating Celtic symbols into my work


Based on a Wassily Kandinsky sketch

BONUS: I’ve finished my sketchbook. Time lapse video of the finished sketchbook will be up on the weekend ๐Ÿ˜€

Day 53: Unsuccessful Shop and More Experimenting

I began today by running about Bangor looking for earring hooks. Could I find any? Could I ****. The one thing I needed and I couldn’t find any. Everything else but no earring hooks. . .
Anyway, when I got to college I was fairly annoyed so when faced with a blank page in my sketchbook and no ideas I was even more annoyed. Eventually I got started and made a few more pieces.


[caption id=""align="aligncenter" width="300"] Smaller version of yesterday’s piece using toothpicks


Little wire shape


Another wire piece


Going to be turned into stud earrings


Finished thumbprint and imprint


Create using wire

Day 52: Thumbprint and Pain!

Today was our first proper day in the studio working in our new areas. I began the day fairly clueless about what I was going to do so relied upon listening to music and searching through pinterest for inspiration. I eventually got some ideas including experimenting with porcelain clay which is very dry.


Engraved into copper foil


Porcelain clay necklace idea


Little clay face – looks so angry


Porcelain clay and wire explosion

I then moved to working in my sketchbook and had this brilliant idea (said in the most sarcastic voice imaginable) – to create a paper cut piece based on my thumbprint. Cut to hours later and a pain in my neck and hand – it is finished! Tomorrow I will try and use this as a stencil on the next page before trying to find a way to tidy the page up and make it a bit more durable.


This took about an hour!


Beginning to get annoyed by now!


So much pain!


Finally finished!

After I came home and after I had finished being pissed off with the thumbprint piece, I began faffing with creating little wire pieces. Since I had already used all of my thicker wire earlier in the day, I was left to experiment with some coloured wire I had in the house. Here are some of the results:


Golden wire earrings


Little multicoloured nest


Pink and yellow spiral


Little Christmas tree earrings


Experimenting using a button


Musical note


Little wire tree


Blue and purple wire feathers


Today we were off to Manchester for the UCAS fair there which would help us decide where we would like to go next year for university. Since I have absolutely no idea where I want to go or even what I want to do, today was really useful for me. I saw a lot of interesting photography courses and a few fine art and illustration courses that I’m interested in. I particularly liked Manchester’s School of Art and what they had to offer but, who knows?
Whilst we were there we also had a bit of time to visit the gallery (can’t remember which one which is very helpful) and the Christmas market.
I got to see a Greyson Perry pot in the flesh!


Side 1


Side 2


Side 3


Side 4

Pyrography Work in Progress

This is part of my mam’s Christmas present – a chopping board with mine and my sister’s faces burned on it. Today, whilst at a craft fair in Aberffraw, I finished half of the chopping board with my sister’s face. Here’s the result:


Initial pencil sketch


Took me all day and was horrible wood to burn on

Finished piece to follow soon (hopefully).

Day 50: Allocating Spaces and Our First Brief

We began today by clearing out the spaces and then moving into our new areas. This took pretty much all morning to do and we’re still not really finished as we still need some more tables.
After lunch we went off in our new groups and were set our first brief. Applied art’s brief was to use an envelope full of material and create about 20 different pieces using them by Friday. We were also given a list of words which are meant to inspire our pieces. Thus far I have no idea what I’m going to do and I’m not really too keen on the materials either but I’ll give it a go. Let’s see how it goes.

Day 49: The Imitation Game and Cubs

Today I didn’t have to be in college as it was the other group’s turn to put their work up and have it assessed. This left me free to go to the cinema and watch The Imitation Game with Benedict Cumberbatch. It was so good. I quite like the idea of using numbers, maths, letter patterns and ciphers in my work so the film has inspired me in some way. Turing had a very special mind and could spot these world, letter and number patterns which helped him break the Enigma code. He was truly an amazing individual.
After this I went to Cubs where we played a lot of games with them. Not much art news today I’m afraid.

Day 48: Taking work down and the Seven Deadly Sins

Today we were swapping over our areas with group 2 which consisted of taking down our work and helping them put up theirs to be assessed.
It only took me about an hour to take everything down and put it in my car. This left me a lot of time to finish things in my sketchbook. 2 days ago I started a series of pages about the personification of the 7 deadly sins. Today I finally finished so here’s the final series:




Vanity or Pride