You Are Inspirational

Attention all followers / anyone who has just stumbled upon my blog: I need your help.
As part of our critical studies work in college we have been asked to create a 10 minute video about our influences. One of the main influences in my work is people – their faces, their movements, their stories. So, as part of my video I want to include as many people as possible holding up a sign with the words ‘I Am Inspirational’.
If any of you are interested in helping me make my video, please email me a photo of yourself holding a piece of paper with ‘I Am Inspirational’ written on it. Get anyone you can involved and email me or send me a link to your photos.
My email address is:
Thank you to anyone willing to help.


Day 95: Bank Notes and Bunting

As part of the political campaign, I have been assigned the role of creating a banner for the party. Since we are called the Fr££dom party and we are focusing on issues involving money, I thought it would be a good idea to create a banner in the shape of a £5 note. For this I began by researching the font used on the note for the words ‘Bank of England’ which I then used to create my own version of the word Fr££dom.




The afternoon was then spent in the textiles room creating bunting to advertise our party which we will put up all around the college on Monday.


Day 94: Politics and Fr££dom

Even though we began this new group brief on Tuesday, I was too preoccupied with my portfolio for the interview yesterday. So today was my first proper day of the brief – to create a political campaign complete with manifesto and advertising, ready for a vote next Thursday.
Here are a few of my planning pages for said brief.



Day 93: Derby Interview and Art Therapy

Well the day has finally arrived. Interview day at Derby university. I like the city which is always a good thing and the building is also very nice, apart from the lifts which take forever. The interview itself was quite different to what I expected in that everything was done in a group and we got to experience a bit of every pathway – music, drama, dance and art.
I thought that getting the chance to experience each pathway was quite interesting but this is what I was most uncomfortable about as well – I don’t dance, I don’t act, I am not musical. Even the interview stage when we discussed our portfolios was done in a group and reminded me a bit of our group crits in college. I feel it went well but I don’t get to know until sometime next week at the earliest. . .

Day 92: Final Portfolio and Last Minute Panic

Last minute panic time today before the interview tomorrow. Well here are the final 8 pieces for my interview tomorrow. (photos to follow but you can probably look back and find them somewhere on my blog)
Sacagawea pyrography

Memory quilt

A0 Old woman

6 ‘Punchy’ pieces

Social Media Mari

Life drawing

New Year Choices

Time Traveling Around Anglesey

And my second sketchbook

Day 91: Mounting and Portfolio

Well today we were meant to get a new brief but, unfortunately, there was snow so some of the tutors and most of the students couldn’t get in. This meant that we didn’t have a brief today which allowed me to dedicate the entire day to mounting and preparing my portfolio. This was quite easy – the difficult thing was having to choose only 8 pieces! I also managed to finish my essay for the art therapy interview so, all in all, a good day. 😊

Day 90: Tour and Portfolio

Since I had pretty much finished my brief yesterday, I was left at a bit of a loose end this morning so I decided to volunteer to take the potential students for next year round on a tour with Carys. I quite enjoyed showing them around because it gave me a chance to see parts of the college that I haven’t seen since my tour.

Following this I decided to try experimenting with painting on cardboard and with a Celtic man’s face on paper. I don’t really like the colour version of the image but I can’t quite put my finger on why. I do however quite like the cardboard version because of its simplicity and raw qualities.



The afternoon was spent beginning to prepare my portfolio for Wednesday but I couldn’t do that much today as my diagnostic block work was still at home. Once I had done as much as I could I decided to experiment with different ways to project my film. I liked how my film looked distorted and elongated and created a very interesting end result.

Bonus. Here are a few extra pages done for the brief.







Land Art and Environmentally Conscious

Isn’t land art amazing! I love land art and how natural and part of the environment it looks. Large sculptures look like they were placed in whatever space they’re in but land art looks like it belongs or that nature has even done all the work for the artist. This movement initially began as the artist’s rejection of the gallery in an attempt to be made at one with nature. Their work focuses on the artist’s relationship with the environment and their work.
A recurring motif which features in many land artists’ works is the circle of sphere, the straight line and the spiral. These are common symbols in Buddhist/Eastern ideologies and signify the artist’s relationship with nature.

Some well known land artists are Andy Goldsworthy and Richard Long – both of which are part of the British stream of land art.
This short video shows how Andy Goldsworthy feels about creating a piece of art and also shows how he uses the environment to his advantage – sourcing all his materials for the piece on site.


The piece above was also made by Goldsworthy and was made using icicles on the site and using his own spit as the glue.

Richard Long is also a very interesting artist who is more concerned with the making process rather than the lasting nature of his work. This becomes more apparent in his ephemeral work which, again is created in situe and then allowed to fade away.

Long is also know for his mud works as seen in the video below.

During our critical studies session, we also discussed some of the things we can do to ensure that our artwork is more environmentally conscious. Here are the main points that we came up with:
1. Recycle
2. Upcycle (like the majority of Pinterest)
3. Use biodegradable and environmentally friendly products
4. Reduce energy used in the making process
5. Share resources
6. Share skills and abilities
7. Create multifunctional pieces
8. Spread the message

Day 89: Editing and YouTube

Well I had given myself a lot to do in one day but I felt quite confident that I’d be able to as I have gotten used to the software by now. It was only a short video as well so I felt I would be able to do this in a day. The only real issue I faced was what kind of music to use over the film. I eventually settled on overlaying two songs which are based on the story of Blodeuwedd.
Here are the individual songs:

And here is my final video with both songs combined.