Day 127: Humphrey and Paint

Today was inspired by the painting I did yesterday – creating a self-portrait using objects which mean something to me rather than just painting my face. 

The object for today was my little toy hippo, Humphrey, which I’ve had since I was born. This is my childhood 😊      





Day 126: DNA and My Necklace

 I began today by experimenting with paper cutting DNA in my sketchbook. I will finish this off with some background colour at some point.   

I decided to then reuse one of my old canvases for a different kind of self portrait – using an important object to symbolise my identity rather than simply painting my portrait. I began with an orange background to help emphasise the blue in my necklace which would be the focus of this painting. 


I then painted the Turkish nazar on my necklace which I got from my grandparents after their holiday to Turkey years ago. Finally I worked into the drawing using a black and white pen, orange sharpie and a scalpel. I quite like the final image and will make more similar pieces using different objects which I feel are a part of my identity. 


Easter Holidays: The Great Chop and Family Trees

One of the biggest things or changes that happened over the Easter holidays was my big hair cut! I think I cut about 5/6 inches off my hair. It feels so strange to have such short hair now.   

As a part of my research work for my final major project I decided to visit Llanberis as the Welsh landscape is a part of my identity. I took many photos and made some sketches during the day. Luke and I also had a very nice lunch at Pete’s Eats. Mmmmm 😋

DSC_0667 DSC_0668 DSC_0669 DSC_0670 DSC_0671

  During the holidays I have also spent some time painting. I completed two quick self-portrait paintings which were more experimental pieces than anything else. I’m not sure how I feel about these pieces but I feel they are a good starting point for future portraits. 

Day 124: DNA and So Many Stripes

I spent today going stripe mad! I decided I wanted to create a small canvas based on DNA test results and create a colourful, slightly abstract painting. This is partially based on the work of Bart Vargas but is less abstract than his work. I quite like this as a maquette for my final piece. However, I am now sick of stripes! 

Day 123: Frustration and DNA

Still no idea what I’m going to do so still sticking to working in my sketchbook. I’ve decided to try and broaden my idea to help decide what my final piece may be.    


After I came home from college feeling rather frustrated at my lack of ideas, I decided to begin searching through YouTube for inspiration and I finally have an idea!

Here is the video which finally helped inspire me:

Day 121: Image Transfer and Sketchbook Pages

Problem alert! I don’t know what my final exhibition piece is actually going to be. I know the general idea and themes I want to tackle but no idea what I’m actually going to do. Instead, today I did more artists’ research and experimented with new image transfer techniques. 

This was done using a normal printer photo and PVA glue. It’s quite odd in that it has only transferred the colour sections and has left out the white areas completely. I quite like this though as the parts that haven’t transferred are very exact so you are still able to see what the final image is.     

Day 120: Eclipse and Large Sketchbook Making

Well today was a bit of an odd day due to the excitement from the eclipse. I got some nice pictures by taking photos through a welding visor and through ffaffing with the settings on my camera. (Photos to follow)

DSC_0618 DSC_0621 DSC_0626 DSC_0629 DSC_0637 DSC_0646

Once the excitement had passed we then went back to work – I began making a new sketchbook for the new brief. I decided to make an A4 sketchbook as I had never before attempted to make one as big.

Look; Gwen made the Wamping Willow! Luke added Ron’s flying car 😄

Day 119: Project Proposal and Initial Ideas

Today we were meant to submit our final major project proposals to be reviewed by Owein. I have chosen to base my work on the theme of identity, specifically focusing on personal identity and the Welsh identity in the modern world and what it means to me. 

We also had to choose artists that would inspire our work. The main artist I will look at is Grayson Perry (no surprise there), especially his ‘Who Are You?’ Exhibition. Owein then suggested I also look at Iwan Bala’s work as he does a lot about the Welsh identity.

Here are some of the artists’ work that I have looked at:

Iwan Bala


Christian Boltanski