The face behind the blog

van gogh

This is what happens when I get bored and I’m left alone with facepaint.

Well, a bit about me then: My name is Elen Jones, I’m 18 and I’m currently attending Coleg Menai on the art foundation course in Bangor. I have no idea what you would like to know about me so here are 5 random facts:

  1. I am the queen of sarcasm. Chances are that if you’re talking to me for more than 5 seconds, I will be sarcastic at some point.
  2. I burn things. Not in a pyromaniac sort of a way but in an artistic sort of a way. I am well aware of how strange and kind of sadistic it sounds when I say that I burned so and so last night (John Cleese if you were wondering).
  3. I am very OCD. Not actually been tested or anything but it is painfully obvious. Everything must be just so or I cannot function. Maybe a messy art course wasn’t the best choice?
  4. I volunteer a lot with the Scouts. I help run a Cub pack which means I’ve got complete control over 15 little minions. Most of the time any way.
  5. I like vintage things. Honestly, I belong in the last century but, unfortunately, I’ve been lumbered with modern music (just plain noise!), reality TV and Jedward! Give me Queen (the band), Audrey Hepburn and a typewriter any day of the week.

Well, there’s your 5 facts. I know, I sound like a bundle of fun but there you go (see, I told you I’d be sarcastic).


One thought on “The face behind the blog

  1. Thanks for the like on my post about woodburning! I’m new to the whole thing, but would like to sell some pieces or make custom pieces for people, too! We can be pyrography buddies! Good luck with your school and blog! 😀


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