Day 155: Final Touches and Helping Out

Nothing really left for me to do on the final exhibition piece – only got Owein to cut the chain to the exact length I wanted it. After that I was free to help others with their pieces. I ended up helping Darcie add the writing onto her final piece. It was such a pain to add all the vinyl letters onto the piece as they had a habit of not wanting to stick . . . We eventually managed to finish so happy all around.                  


Day 154: Sketchbook and Pyrography

Since I have finished the actual final piece, I stayed at home today to work more on my sketchbook and research work. I spent most of the day burning the family tree piece below on a piece of wood I found in the garage. I think it went quite well. My mam wants me to make a smaller version for her.

Day 153: Vinyls and Sketchbook

I don’t have any more actual work to do on my final piece – only some sketchbook work to do so that’s how I tried to fill today. That was until Luke offered to take us to Bangor to look at vinyl records. I’m a happy Elen. I managed to buy 3 new records and a CD for £3. If anyone is actually interested I bought a Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons record, Huey Lewis and the News record, Cleo Laine record and a Nora Jones CD. That’s the rest of my afternoon sorted. Listening to records and doing some sketchbook work.

Day 152: Gloss and Fruit

Today was about putting the finishing touches on my piece which meant applying a final layer of gloss to the frame to tidy up everywhere which had been scraped, scratched or had paint or plaster on from when we were tidying the studios before. This didn’t take long which meant I was then able to help other people and think of one final idea for my display:

I have some test tubes in my cabinet which I now want to fill with examples of DNA. I have found a tutorial online which will allow you to see human DNA as well as fruit DNA. This is something which I will attempt over the half term which is coming up. I’m going to need strawberries, bananas, salt water and vodka (not even kidding). This should be interesting. 

Day 151: Thread and Chain

So today I managed to finish threading the acetate strips into my frame using the invisible thread and I quite like the results. I might want to adjust the spacing between the image strips but it’s more or less done now.      I also went to get the chain to suspend my piece today. The rope was only a temporary thing to see vaguely how much chain I would need to suspend my frame. I would have preferred a silver chain but, it was twice the price of the brass one for the exact same thing! Cheapest option always wins. I used two padlocks to attach the chain to the roof beam which makes it easier to put up and take down later.         

Day 150: Sewing and Acetate

Isn’t my final project fun? Answer; no. It’s repetitive and painful on your back. Today I spent the day on the floor threading the photos using invisible thread. I only managed to get half of them done but I was flitting about helping other people as well as I’m nearly finished with my piece and there’s still a week to go.

Day 149: Piercing and Screwing

I began today by finishing screwing in the hooks for the top of the frame and re-arranging some of the things in the cabinet. Then came the truly tedious and back breaking task of piercing all 145 separate photos in all four corners. I didn’t manage to do one column hence why there is one blank column.                

Day 148: Scapels and Screws

I began today by scrapping the excess plaster and paint which had dripped onto my frame off with a scalpel. Time consuming to say the least but, it was actually the most efficient way around it. After I finished this I was able to begin screwing in the hooks which I would suspend the acetate from in my frame. This ended up giving me a blister from the constant rubbing of screwing the hooks in with my hand. Note to self – wear gloves or something next time.

Bonus: I began to organise the objects which will go along with my frame in the glass cabinet alongside it.      

Day 146: Assigning spaces and Wall Touch Ups

Today, the space finally looking presentable, (apart from a few touch ups to the walls with white paint) we began to assign the studio spaces. Since mine will be suspended from the beams in the roof, my space was pretty much determined for me. After the spaces had been vaguely assigned we were then shuffled about a bit by Owein to make the exhibition as a whole flow a bit better.

Today I also found the invitation for our exhibition opening on Facebook: