Day 145: Painting the Floor and Polyurethane 

Nearly there with cleaning out the studios. Today came the really fun bit/the bit which could potentially kill us. Adding a fun, potentially lethal element to our exhibition preparation. The stuff we were using to paint the floor was polyurethane which is an irritant to your skin, lethal if you ingest and harmful to your breathing and prolonged exposure can cause asthma. Sounding fun yet?  


Day 144: Election Day and Polling Duty

I feel it is so important for everyone to vote. It doesn’t matter who you vote for so long as you use your vote to get your voice heard. I don’t even care if you go there and spoil a ballot – at least you’ve given your opinion and had your voice heard.

Anyway, mini-rant over, here is the sketchbook page I made whilst working in the polling station. Watercolour painting of my great-grandmother done in-between voters walking in.

 Side note – I was right. Today was spent mainly eating, making my sketchbook and not much else.

Day 143: Sketchbook Making and Pages

Today I decided not to go in to college so I could catch up with some sketchbook work and preparing for working in a polling station instead. I managed to make a few collage pages in my sketchbook and also collected the components to make a small sketchbook tomorrow. Tomorrow will basically be spent eating, making a sketchbook and sitting around doing not much else. Polling station duty is thrilling.

Day 142: Clear Out and Undercoat

This week will be spent clearing out and repainting the studio ready for the exhibition as the studios have gotten quite grimey  over the course of the year. Actually they were a mess – paint and ink all over the floor and the walls. Not to mention the plaster covering most of the fine art area.

We began today by clearing out all the work we wanted to keep or take home before skipping most of the other things that cluttered up our studio. In fact, we actually got a new skip half way through – this is the level of shit we had in our spaces. This took up all morning!

After the spaces were vaguely clear and we took all the staples out of the walls (which also took forever), we began painting the walls with an undercoat – and we ran out quite quickly. Evidently three tins of undercoat is not enough for our studio space.

Day 141: Bank Holiday and Llandudno

So today was Bank Holiday Monday in Wales which meant that we had a day off from college. This allowed my mam, sister and me to visit the Victorian Extravaganza in Llandudno. It was nice to see some people dressing up in Victorian era style clothing and some of the more Victorian style fairground rides but we mainly shopped whilst we were there.

Day 140: Printing and Acetate

The end is here! I have finally managed to print all 50 of the acetate sheets. Not sure if you can stack them straight away or if that will smudge the ink so they are currently spread all over my playroom floor. Bit of an odd sight for any visitor but ah well. The end of this project is in sight. Now just to cut them all out individually and remove the extra layer of paper from each. 

“It’ll be worth it. It’ll be worth it. It’ll be worth it.”

Day 139: Printing and Giving Blood

Today began with more of the same as yesterday and I managed to print half of the sheets! YAY! The end is in sight! The afternoon actually was different as I went to donate blood for the first time. I’ve been meaning to go for a long time now but what really pushed me to go this time was wanting to know what blood group I was. It may sound like a selfish reason but it was worth it. The nurses were all so lovely and your blood may be used to save someone’s life. It isn’t that painful/at all and doesn’t take long and you get a free biscuit and drink. Win, win. I’ve already made another appointment to go in September.

For more information or to donate yourself, visit:

Day 138: Acetate and Printers

A glimmer of variety in my life! Just kidding – more repetitive frustration for me. The main frustration came from the acetate not wanting to co-operate to begin with. I found a way around it but it is a very time consuming solution which is to mount each sheet of acetate on a sheet of A4 paper so that the printer will catch that piece of paper first and pull the acetate with it. Kill me now. It took me an hour to print 5 sheets . . . Out of 50!

Day 137: Photos and Identity

Today I stayed home from college in order to organise the photos I will use for my final piece. I also began printing out some of the photos to use in my sketchbook. I also finished a few more pages in my sketchbook. Sorry for the really short blog updates but most of my tasks lately have been quite boring and repetitive. These are literally the ‘highlights’ of my day – how sad is that…

Day 136: Gloss and Photos

Well the gloss has had over the weekend to dry so it’s time for the second side to get a coat. Yay! More tar! However, this didn’t actually take that long to do which gave me time to sort through and print off some paper versions of the photos I will use in my frame. I intend to turn the photos into a miniature sketchbook to give a more concise version of the images in the frame. This is also an excuse to experiment with a new sketchbook making method – making a textblock.